Dear readers, fellow gamers,

There has been a fortnight or so between our last post here and this one. Your wait has now come to an end – and look at what you are getting as a reward! Some first pictures of the actual game – at last!

You can now see our beautiful start menu. Bound to change over time as we refine it.

Let us take you through a feature we were quite keen to implement in this Rise of the White Sun game: a character creation system.

Creating a character

What is this stuff about creating a character? Were we not promised historical characters? No need to panic! You will indeed be offered to play as one of a handful of historical characters – each coming with a specific game path (more on them in future news). Our team however felt that offering you the possibility to create your very own character was too appealing not to be implemented. 1920s China was a time of deep change, full of opportunities for whoever was willing to seize them. We have quite some examples of contenders for the leadership of China who tried their luck and eventually failed!

So let us have a look at the character creation tool!

Province of origin

Where are you from?

The very first screen you will reach when creating your character comes with a very simple question: where are you from? You can be from any of the Chinese provinces displayed on the map or an overseas Chinese. Up to you! Your province of origin will have some impact on your game:

  • Give access to some traits like your ethnic group
  • Give a small bonus to relationships with characters from the same province
  • Open special events linked with your origins (feature to be gradually implemented

You can also choose your character portrait and his name using the circling arrows. We will keep adding portraits as time goes on. We also expect to let you type in your own name and surname or choose from a pool of common names in China.


Once you chose your home province, you will be led to this screen. This is where you will have the opportunity to shape your character to your liking. Traits either cost character points or give you some more in exchange for penalties and additional complications – values shown here are far from being final! The following sections are open to your choice!

  • Ethnic group: pick your ethnic background here – Han Chinese are the default option as they were already the super-majority group in China at the time
  • Social background: this is where you will chose what your character made of his life. Is he a simple peasant? A toiling worker? A bold military man? A wealthy landlord? This will impact a lot your early game.
  • Spirituality: chose what you believe in – are you very traditional in matters of religion or follower of a smaller faith? Perhaps even an atheist? Your choice will come with some bonuses and penalties to relationships with other characters (Do you really expect a devout Christian to enjoy the company of a complete Atheist?)
  • Education: you will be invited to choose your educational background. Did you receive any form of education at all? Abroad or in China? Some bonuses and penalties to be gained here too!
  • Traits: the bread and butter of your character. A small selection of traits is presented here (either costing trait points or offering you some more) – more can be gained / lost during your game. There are also traits which are NPC-only.


Selected all your traits? You can now enjoy a small biography generator based on your choices before starting your game! If have doubt with your choices, you also have the option to roll again your character!

That is it for today – stay tuned for more information!