In ROWS, you are a member of the Guomindang (GMD/KMT) striving to extend your influence and become the supreme leader. You decide wich actions you take to ascend in the party leadership: developing alliances with other members, forming or joining a faction, slandering rivals, leading a military action… There are lots of way to build your prestige up!

Other GMD key figures, whether they are already influent in the party or on the rise, may not willingly accept your ambitions and may attempt to put a spoke in your wheel. Your fiercest rivals (and, among them, a Nemesis you will have to identify) will not shy away from despicable methods to take you down!

China is threatened by many dangers in the 1920s: Chinese warlords, Western and Japanese imperialism, communism… To win the game, you will not only have to fight your way inside the GMD party but also deal with these mortal threats. Choose your battles wisely… This is a game of wits!