A game about shady political intrigues in Republican China

RoWS is a computer game for PC developped by Maestro Cinetik and Le Visiteur exploring the shady political plots of the 1920s and 1930s Kuomintang party in its quest for reuniting China.

  • Play as one of the Kuomintang key figures or create your own character
  • Plot and climb up through the hierachy of the Kuomintang to impose your views
  • Betray, scheme, ally and become a master of intrigues
  • Fight Chinese warlords and evil imperialists to reunite China
  • Beware of foreign Bolcheviks and local communists (or befriend them)

On this website you will find the dev’s diaries, tips, previews, strategy guides and so much more: so stay tuned !

The ROWS team is an expert in developing astute and deep historical strategy games like J.Edgar Hoover’s Empire or Cold War 2 (you should definitely try this one: it is free, browser-based and perfect for playing at work or at school).

You can also have a chat with the community by joining our Discord.

And most of all : Have Fun!

3 commentaires

  • Dos_g dit :

    Hey guys been a bit, i was wondering if you had some news for us the poeple lol no take your time really make it a jewel like jey empire but to be sur its not on hiatus right ?

    • Le Visiteur dit :

      Dear Dos_g,

      Sorry for the delay in replying to you!
      We did not stop working on the game, hell no! However, some IRL constraints delayed the work. A post will soon be up on the website.

      The RoWS team

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