Dear readers, fellow gamers,

We hope you are all well and safe!

We have achieved quite some progress in terms of preparatory work for Rise of the White Sun over the past year:

  • Documentation has been gathered and processed,
  • Some raw concepts of the game have been defined,
  • Definition of the game scope and first-draft sketches are underway,
  • Code work will begin in September.

In the mean time, the developer has been working on the second iteration of his Cauldrons of War series, titled Cauldrons of War Stalingrad. He is currently adding the icing on the cake: the urban fighting scenario in Stalingrad! This will be completed by the end of this summer as the definitive version of the game is released.

I therefore take advantage of this little message to share a couple of announcements as we are now in position to set a first schedule:

  • A playable demo should be ready by December 2021 so that you can play around with the different game mechanisms.
  • A release of the game on Steam early access before summer 2022 is the target. We will then gradually implement additional features and scenarios.

We are looking forward to show you new game screenshots and features as they get ready. In parallel, we plan to keep adding historical content here. This will help you getting more and more familiar with the era and give us leads on elements to develop.

Stay tuned for more DDs & announcements!